For one year, Blights Out occupied a billboard on the corner of Orleans Ave and Galvez St. with an exposé on housing discrimination in New Orleans.

Blights Out (is not running) for Mayor!

But you should.

From September 2017 through August 2018, Blights Out occupied a billboard on the corner of Galvez St. and Orleans Ave. in New Orleans, LA, with a creative campaign called Blights Out for Mayor–a series of 12 billboard messages that call on the public and our representatives to radically expand our imaginations around solutions to New Orleans’ housing crisis. It was a sustained call to action to #PutHousingFirst. Because politics and policy neither begin nor end at the ballot.

Blights Out for Mayor called for and suggested entry points into a post-Katrina Truth and Reconciliation process. It sought the redress of policies and values imposed in the wake of disaster that reinforce ecological apartheid in our housing landscape and that threaten to turn our city into a gentrified fortress that shelters the wealthiest from the rising-up of seas and people.



Thank you to everyone who supported our Kickstarter Campaign to bring this project to life!

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